Saturday, March 31, 2018

March 2018

After almost 9 years as a non-profit, I have come to the difficult decision that I can no longer keep the rescue open. I can no longer personally finance the rescues operations and run the daily operations, as well as work my job and be a supportive wife to my husband in his struggles. Heartfelt wishes and prayers are wonderful but they don't pull horses from auction nor pay the bills that come with rescues.

I am Very proud of the fact that we have made a difference to so many horses. I am grateful for every dollar that has come our way and every hour and hand that has been given in the efforts to help the horses since 2009.

We are officially closing the rescue doors as of 31st. We are donating our rescue tack to horses honor

My personal efforts to help horses will continue as time and funds allow, I will continue gentling and finding homes for the many mustangs in holding pens. My efforts will be posted on its own page ( ) and you are invited to follow on Facebook as well ( )

For those of you who have supported the rescues efforts, even if just in spirit, my heart felt thanks.