Thursday, September 30, 2010

Kay's Day

Today was filled with some great happenings and some clouds with silver linings.
The greatest part of the day was Kay's first rides. After some reviewing ground work Kay sported a saddle and did so well, we climbed aboard. A little confused as to what we were doing up there she stood her ground, literally, but with reassurance all was good she found her legs and away we went. Both myself and her barn mom Caitlin rode with no attempts to buck, bolt or other such nonsense. Kay was a good girl, and we are very proud of her.

The Rescue clean up and construction continues. The landlord removed old panels, buildings and a huge cattle trough from the central rescue site.( Thank you Thank you Thank you Joey) However in the process the water tank sprung a leak, oops ... so the reposition of the tank to preserve water storage seemed like a good idea .... until a water line broke. That would be the cloud... the silver lining is a new modern tank and added water line assess for barns and corrals.
Thank God for handymen like Joey who had everything under control.

We are looking at another day of construction the weekend of 9th/10th. Please join us for barn and horse time. Soon enough all projects will be completed and our only projects will be our horses. Please join us completing projects and getting ready for winter and new horses.

The worst time of the year is about to be on us and too many horses are thrown away at auction. We are trying to prepare to receive new arrivals from the auction. Our trip is in planning. Details to come soon.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

what a weekend!!!

Once again I am amazed and grateful for the kindness and generosity of our local people, this weekend we met more wonderful volunteers.
We are pleased to have 2 new regular helpers, welcome Caitlin and Jolene. They will join Vicki, Stephanie, Aileen and Hannah for assistance with feeds and regular maintenance at the rescue.

A special thank you to David for your hours of help right through til dark! installation of our 24' panels and removal of the old iron ones was hard, very heavy work, impossible without help. We are grateful for not only your man power, but your efforts in planning upcoming building projects. Our hay storage barn is on the drawing board.

Much has been done and our "to do" list is getting shorter!!

This month we have our 2 run in barns up and ready to shield our horses from the winter rains. The division of these into stalls will be our next task.
Our paddocks were relocated and enlarged. We hope to have individual shelters for these as well.
Our arena area and round pens are up, clean and we are preparing the ground for sand.
Our small turnouts are being enlarged, posts reinforced and field fencing to be replaced.
We have out special extra large stall/paddock under construction in preparation for any horse in need of stall rest or for a mare to foal.
Blanket bars were installed in the red barn.
Auto waters purchased and ready to be installed.
The location for the new barn has been marked and the ground is being cleared. We expect to receive it in the next 2 weeks.

More updates and pictures to follow, If you would like to join our efforts, as a regular volunteer, work behind the scenes or just as an occasional helping hand, please contact us. We are also looking for experienced horse people to join our board for 2011. Please contact us for more information.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Latest news...

Our handsome newcomer that came with the name of Patrick has picked up the additional title of James,so is now known as James Patrick. We are calling him JP for short.

JP came with front lameness, having his misfitted shoes pulled has already helped, though he is still very sore. He will be re-shod following x-rays to determine the cause of his lameness.
He is a high energy horse but seems very sensitive on the line. Our riding evaluation will be held until he is sound, but he comes with a history of dressage training and jumping.
His recommendations and restrictions will be determined following his upcoming assessments.

Monday, September 20, 2010

lastest news

The work at Lone Oak continues, we are happy to say we have new homes for Sugar and Dixie, we know Patty and Gary will provide a wonderful home. We have 2 new friends at Lone Oak.

Rio is a Sr pony who came to us this past week. He is in need of dental and farrier care. He has obvious pain when walking and is a little underweight, that should be corrected with dental and a diet designed for a Sr horse. Our vet and farrier assessment are screening for any medical conditions, such as diabetes and cushings, meanwhile he has a thick bed of shavings and medication for pain. Rio will have a permanent home at Lone Oak Rescue. We are looking for 4 regular sponsors for $25/month for our little Rio.

Rio and Tina became friends instantly

Smile for the camera, long teeth and sharp points hinder eating and affect nutrition

Rio shows the evidence of chronic laminitis, we will do our best to get his feet back under him and keep him stable and comfortable.
Our other boy is Patrick. He is approx 15 y/o he is a quarter/Tb cross. He stands at about 16 HH. He needs new shoes and evaluation by our vet. Currently showing slight lameness at the trot only. He is a pretty boy, insecure by himself, but settles immediately with a pasture mate.
He will be available post evaluation.

Friday, September 3, 2010


This month has been so busy, and the computer has been plagued with many sick days. It has been too long since an update, so here we are.

We are happy to say several of our horses have new homes!!

Bree, Shelby, Emma, Sugar, and Quinn are settled into their new homes. JD was here and gone so fast he never made our available list. Sugar and Dixie's adoption is pending while their new owners complete their pasture and shelters. Their are potential adopters coming to meet Mia, Macy, Kay and Cass. We hope to have new homes for them in the next few weeks.

We are still working on our site in preparation for the cold wet months ahead of us and much progress is being made. As soon as the new barn 8 stall barn is up we will open the doors for more horses in need. We are hoping to have funds and assistance for an additional 6. Please help us with our fund raising efforts. Join us on our trail ride, or simply make a donation of any amount. All proceeds at this time go to the hay fund and our planned trip to the auction.
Please help us prepare for these upcoming expenses so we can help more.
We need hay and grain for the upcoming months, if you have donations of these we can come and pick it up.
Thank you all of our volunteers for your many hours spent at the rescue. I am so grateful for your help, ans I know the horses are as well. If you are not on our list please contact us for the next volunteer day.