Friday, May 28, 2010

long weekend

This weekend is one off for many people but we will not be holding a volunteer weekend. However we will have many days open in June, please check back frequently for days and events. We are anticipating reorganization of our physical setup so will have big days ahead. We will be having a few long days for the movement of structures which will end with a BBQ. Please let us know if you have days and skills to help!
We will be bringing Mia and Macy home tuesday unless the weather does not co-operate. Looking forward to having them back. be sure to join us next volunteer day to welcome them home!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Miss Macy

Today I got some "Macy" time in, she is a delightful foal, does well being handled, picking up her feet, though still not sure about those backs. Rubbing her tummy must have felt funny because she was shaking her head and when I got rubbed the inside of her hind legs she sat down. A funny thing to see and she did it several times. I will take sitting over kicking, lets hope its not a practice that will continue as she grows. I am so looking forward to having her home,but with rain forecast for a good part of this week, it has delayed our projects once again. I know soon I will be wishing for a breeze and these showers, but for now I just want roofing, walls and door on our buildings. Please contact us if you can help with the construction.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Saturday we spent a few hours at Petco in Dublin. Tina made several new friends and many wanted to take her home. Tina will always stay with the rescue, but you are welcome to visit her when you come to volunteer. Thank you for everyone who donated, every dollar does count and Saturdays dollars will buy 500 pounds of pellets for the horses. Most of the horses are on pasture, but for those who need the extra calories or when its too windy, we have pelleted feed for them. Sunday is such a day. The windy made for a chilly day, but there were a few who helped us out, grooming, riding and mucking were on the agenda for today. Thank you all so much for your hard work despite the winds. Another big thank you to both Christian and Amanda. Christian gave a good workout to Sterling who was well behaved and a sweetheart. Amanda worked Shelby, Emma and Dixie.We also got some ground work in on Mya, she accepts the saddle with ease and looks like she will be easy to finish. I Pray the winds stop so the construction can resume....

Thursday, May 20, 2010

weekend happenings

This weekend will be busy as usual. Please join us if you can Friday to prepare for our Saturday at Petco.Tina will join us and we will have a selection of used tack for sale to raise much needed funds. Sunday is clean up, we need to have new photos so will be polishing up our horses for a photo day. Please come down and grab a brush we have plenty of horses to go around! Ongoing of course is our building and repair to complete our set up. Thank you Joey for your assistance with the barn alignment, we hope to get that roof on, but the weather has not been cooperating.Thank you Mesha for all of your hard work on the computer and organization, I would be lost without you. Welcome Erryn, we hope to have our newsletter out soon and help keep you all informed as to what is happening with the rescue. All of the volunteers thank you so much for your time and efforts, I know that it isn't always fun to be doing the cleaning and set up.... but soon will be more horses than hammer time. I am so looking forward to that day myself. In anticipation of that time we are still looking for regular volunteers who will be able to come out on set days to help feed, clean and exercise the horses. You must have horse experience to do this as there will be an expectation you can work safely and independently with a horse.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Today there is finally some sunshine again, and no wind, perfect for roofing our 4 stall barn.
There is always chores to do and horse to ride, Buster is the sweetest gentle boy I have ever met, will be hard to let him go. Quinn is a sweet bot too and may have a home. Dixie and Sterling too have admirers... we are so pleased to find homes for these guys. Look for new photos soon, as well come and see us at the Dublin Petco, we will be there Saturday with Tina, we will have a list of available horses as well as used tack for sale. Be sure to drop in and see us.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mia and Macy

Today was a first for Macy, she had a halter on for the first time, she shook her head over and over and cocking those ears at the jingle of the rings. Once she accepted it she was introduced to pressure and gave easily left and right, forward was a different story, but with me walking at her side and a little pressure with my hand at her tail she walked forward and around their stall with me. The next was the lead across her back legs and she came forward again with me at her side. Enough of a lesson for today she then had a little grooming along with Mom and out to their turn out. Macy had discovered rearing and bucking and had quite a fun time in the turnout while Mia focused on eating. Macy is checking out hay herself trying to eat with those 4 little teeth, but with legs too long to reach the ground it is funny to watch her try and graze. She has grown already and more beautiful by the day. Mia is a wonderful mom and such a beautiful mare. It is hard to believe she is a maiden mare as tolerant as she is of all handling of herself and her foal. It will be a lucky person who will adopt these two, meanwhile we get to shower them with lots of love and attention.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

pasture time

This week is leisure time for most of our horses, lots of sunshine and grassy hills to roam and just be horses. The upcoming week will be a busy one with more ranch barn work and getting ready for our tack sale in San Jose. Please help us with any donations of unwanted tack all proceeds go the the horses, feed and farrier/vet costs.
We hope to be bringing home Mia and Macy as well, looking forward to having them home. We cannot thank the wonderful people at Reinstein Ranch enough for their generosity. It is a wonderful facility and we highly recommend them for anyone looking for a place to board, ride or train.
I want to extend a special thank you to the people who help make the rescue possible. To Vicki and Mesha, your help on and off site is invaluable. Kathryn, thank you for your guidance as well as for all you do, we always learn so much and in your tight schedule we are grateful and appreciative of your time. A warm welcome to Leann who will be assisting us in planning and co-ordination of events. As with Kathryn she is a valuable resource with evaluation and training.
We look forward to completing our site work and working hand in hand with our horses and finding them great homes. To the many volunteers who have come out to help and done so much in helping us complete our projects, we so appreciate your time and efforts. We welcome all back for any assistance you can give, as well there will be a BBQ in the works for later this summer. More details as we get closer.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


A quick update on our recent adoptions. Cass is doing well with Amanda, Sugar is under training and evaluation with John. Kalib and Shadow are settling in well with Thom and started working with Bethe, and all is going well.
Our little Macy and Mom were out for a turnout in the large arena and had a blast running and kicking up the sand. We are hoping to bring them home soon, look for our next volunteer day to come out and help get their place prepared.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Macy's first day of play

Today there was lots of exploring by our newest member of the Lone oak Herd. Macy discovered her legs could run, buck and play. she gathered many admirers and loved the cameras
Mia looks great just 3 days after delivering this big girl
Macy enjoyed stretching those legs
The video won't load here but she ran circles around her mom for quite some time

Friday, May 7, 2010

Welcome "Mia's Exclamation" !! barn name "Macy"

Well our home made mare prediction kit was right on, yesterday afternoon's test strip readings gave readings of Ph=6.8 and calcium ppm=250+ and sure enough this morning after numerous nights on watch (readings staying at ph 7.6 and cal pps ~100) our little filly made her arrival. Here are a few of her first photos.....

Just after the birth, Mia making sure baby was okay, many nickers and kisses

In just a few minutes she was up and testing those legs....

They were pretty wobbly but she was on the hunt for breakfast.... headed the right direction!

It took some practice but Mia is a patient mom and stood still for the many attempts,
Mia would nudge her closer and finally Macy got the hang of it.

Of course all of that energy from the birth and learning to stand and then finding breakfast took its toll..... there were many naps.... check out those long legs, this girl is going to be tall !!
Here you see her "exclamation" and dot on her muzzle.
By mid morning the legs were under control, there was many servings of breakfast
and this "mom" got to go home reassured all was well.

Monday, May 3, 2010

comings and goings....

A quick update from the rescue.... Lordy has gone off site to spend time with Liz. She is mom to Roxy and Viggo from the rescue. Here he will get into a regular exercise routine and get lots of one on one attention. We have a new arrival of Dixie. She come from a loving home, but not the right home for her which her owner Steven recognized. He will be one of our volunteers at the rescue and have many horses to spend time with. The adoption of Kalib and Shadow is finalized, they will be going to their new home later this week.
Mia is still holding out.... maybe tonight???
pictures soon....