Sunday, October 31, 2010

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Tonight might be a scary one since it's Halloween, but the day is a beautiful one. There are blue skies and sunshine over the hills at the ranch. The grass is turning those hills green already and they horses are loving it.
The herd was running around and kicking up their heels this morning. After the running around they settled into their little groups, Cass with Mia and Macy; Monroe and Mya; Kalib with Zaida;
and Duke, Jake and Kay a loose trio. JP joined the herd for the first time and joined up with Maggie, they stayed side by side, she is a calm girl providing reassurance to him I'm sure. How I wish I had my camera to share their beauty.

JP, Mia, Macy, are now clear for adoption. Please contact us for more information.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Today the weather is giving us a break, blankets are off, horses are frisky and kicking up their heels. There is already tiny bits of green poking through the ground, a blessing for sure and soon enough the hills will be green.
There is always work to be done, chores are always there and of course horse work. Our three in for recovery are coming along well, JP showing no signs of lameness today,we hope he will be sound shod and soon be available. Kay is going out soon and will make a great little sport horse for someone. Mia and Macy are now available to be adopted either separately or together. Mia is being worked on basic ground work now and she is learning fast.
These young horses offer so much, I invite you to come and meet them. We are fortunate that we do have an offer of a month of professional training to anyone adopting from the rescue, thank you Laura. Please contact us for more information.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Oct 23/2010

It seems like the hot days were never ending and from that we have chilly rains and slippery slopes. Rain sheets are now out and we know the winter blankets will be needed soon enough. WE are in need of smaller sized sheets and blankets. If you have one to spare our Pony Rio and mini Tina are in need.
We are hoping to get our 8 stall barn up before much more rain, extra hands are always welcome. Our goal is for all to have 16 indoor stalls this winter along with one over sized one.
Our projects seem never ending, but progress is being made. Thank you all for your generous help.
Thank you to our volunteers who help to fill in for those daily chores...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

October 20 2010

Yesterday we had a full day, thanks to the generous efforts of David, Dillan, Joey and Elisa who joined me in the dismantlement our long awaited barn. It is soon to be brought to our site and reassembled before the winter rains. On site we had the generous help to complete our evening chores. We are hoping our barn raising will be started this weekend, please join us in our efforts. Look for more pictures coming soon.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

October 14 2010

Fall is upon us though the weather man thinks its July. There is still much preparation for the upcoming winter rain and cold. Our over sized stall will be ready soon. It will serve as a sick stall and also is large enough for foaling. Our 8 stall barn is scheduled for dismantle and move this next week, we are looking forward to bringing it home.

The quarantine barn will soon be ready. We are looking at going to the auction at the end of the month, if you can help please do so, every dollar can help to save a horse from a terrible fate.

We understand times are hard, and know it will get harder this winter for too many defenseless horses. Please join us in our efforts of rescue and recovery.

Our "Lone Oak" and 2 resident horses

Friday, October 1, 2010

friday October 1

Today was another day on the road, checking on several abandoned horses before the barn owner sends them to auction. The kind hearted care of fellow boarders can only go so far when several are abandoned at the same barn. Thankfully there is a group effort to provide care to whom they can, and now thankfully the barn is ready to release them. We are expecting to take in whom we can to help. Please help us however you can, every dollar counts, there is costly vet and farrier care that must be provided upon arrival. Updates and pictures as soon as possible.

On the ranch Kay had another lesson under saddle and did well, slow and steady progress.

We are updating our horse profiles with videos, please let us know if you can help be a camera man/woman.

Still shots of this gal do not do her justice. Keeva has grown even taller and has a big heart that goes with her stature... we expect she will be under saddle this week.