Thursday, April 29, 2010

getting closer

Mia is showing some early labor signs and we are seeing slight changes in her milk so expecting this "little one" to arrive soon.... It seems like we have been saying that forever. We are excited and anxious to have him/her arrive and know both mom and baby are safely delivered.

At the ranch we are gearing up for another busy week. Any volunteers with weekday availability please contact us as we need you!!.

Kalib and Shadow are awaiting final barn arrangements and will then move for their continued training and care with Thom. They are already getting the taste of their spoiled life... apples and carrots! We are very happy to know they are going to a very well suited home with Thom. We will keep updates on both.

Sugar is with her new owner John, we will have updates and pictures for them as well with our post adoption follow up.

Lordy will be going down the road a bit and spending some time with Liz and another one of our placed Senior horses "Roxy". Here he will be on a regular exercise routine and custom diet. He is more suited to the stable life vs pasture. Liz will be working with the rescue to providing his care and of course spoiling him, just a little.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

buildings, barns and babies

These past few days have been busy ones. Our volunteer weekend went well, again with many helping hands that have helped us come closer to finishing projects. Our big projects are still unfinished but getting closer.
Our 4 stall barn is up and we are working on the roof. It is a priority for us to complete the barn as we will be having our mare Mia and her foal, which we DO expect and day now :) return to the rescue a few days after she foals.
In addition to the barn our donated building has been dismantled and relocated to the rescue. It will be started once the site for its location is prepared. It will be the new office/volunteer center.
We have had another small building donated which needs small repairs and will become our tack room.
Our second run in shelter is framed and is waiting for roofing and siding to be put to use.
Following the relocation of several of these buildings we hope to build a small enclosed area ~20'x 20' to use for vet and farrier care and care of the horses.
Our next volunteer weekend is May 8/9. Our tack swap and sale was originally planned for that weekend but our site work needs to be our priority. We expect the tack swap and sale to be late May, the date will be confirmed and posted.

Our horses Sugar, Shadow and Kalib have been adopted and will all go into training at their new homes. we will post updates on all. On site, Jake, Mya, and Kay are all back in training thanks to our new volunteer trainers, thank you Bethe and Randy. Look for their bio's soon.

Bare with us on site updates and emails, we are busy at the ranch.If you would like to join our efforts and become a regular volunteer or more please contact us. We are in need of a volunteer coordinator and an on site assistant. Please contact us

Thursday, April 22, 2010

lessons continue

Today there were old and new lessons. Kalib did well with his ground work and remembered what the trailer and cross ties were all about. I had the fun of soaking out lumps of dirt in his mane, many of the horses look the same so am guessing they all found a nice wet clay spot to roll about in.... time to buy more detangler!
Quinn is doing well on line and learning to love to be groomed. Lots more grooming took place for both our pasture and paddock horses.
We anticipate a full weekend with volunteers, trainers and visitors. look for more updates and pictures soon!

latest happenings

Finally an update from the ranch, between weather and computers life has been a challenge as of late,schedule changes, appointments postponed and mud galore again.

Mia had a quick check from the vet, a good sized baby due any time, we are hoping for this weekend.

Our little boy Quinn is doing well, learning he can indeed stand on 3 legs, and as well was introduced to a blanket. These guys look so little until they show their power, at first he ran away from the scary blue thing then after a bit decided it was a good place to hide and kept putting his head underneath and tossing it around.

We have several trainers who will be donating some hours to the rescue to work with our horses so that they can be ready for a new home, and possibly able to continue training with their new owners.

Kalib and Shadow had a visitor and a possible new home, as well Sugar Ann should be going to her new home soon.

We have several new volunteers, welcome to you all and thank you for our regulars, we are grateful for your time and efforts. We are having a volunteer weekend and hope to get much accomplished, Please email us and join our efforts. We are looking forward to having the big projects done, of course chores are always there.

Sunshine is forecast for the weekend... come join us at the ranch!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Baby watch continues!

Mia, our mare due in 'late Feb/early March' is still holding onto that little colt (or filly) so today some research went into finding a foaling prediction kit which of course no one carries locally, it turns out a spa test strip may give us just what we need so along with many checks on Mia we're trying this to see how it goes.

1 pack of 4 in 1 spa test strips (we care about calcium ppm and perhaps Ph)
distilled water ( took three stops to find this by the gallon, note we need 3ml per test ;) )
milk collection container ( small cup or shot glass )
syringe for measurement
syringe to mix/dip test strip (using child dosing syringe with cap)

Test 1 results show 100ppm and 8.0Ph (we're looking for 250+ppm and ph at 7 or below)

We're also prepping for Mama and baby to come home to the rescue, another pasture was put up on Friday giving us 2 with a 3rd planned. Our barn continues to move further along and we have another 2 stall building we hope to get on site very soon.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

news and updates

This last week proved to be another busy one, meeting new people who are joining our efforts and of course work on the ranch. We had visitors big and small and enjoyed some sunshine. The past few days have been rainy weather and under the weather ones for myself as I have had the flu. Thank you very much, Linda,Tiffany,Tanya,Vicki and Joey for taking care of the horses while I have been unable. Thank you too to Mesha who is doing daily or more frequent checks on Mia and her "any day now" foal in waiting.
We are looking forward to having some very experienced hands to be working with some of our horses, I look forward to introducing these trainers each to you all, and seeing our horses preparing for their new homes. A few pictures to share...

Christian gave hugs to Tina
Orian rode Bree and but shared some love with Shelby

Leiloni had no fear, loved the "brown horsey" the best, Shelby just walked over and enjoyed some pets from this future horse girl. Leiloni is only 2 years old

Shelby (above) is looking great, as is Emma (below)
Both are shedding our to the liver chestnut, seen more on Emma
Tanya was giving some exercise to Emma and Shelby came for a visit
and Miss Kay had some more ground work

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

just horsin' around

Today was a pleasure day, we had some wonderful rides on Sterling, Bree and Shelby, also more handling of Quinn, and groundwork with Jake,Kay and Shadow.
Shadow is doing well, we expect to be riding him again soon.

Shelby is amazing and looks wonderful, what a transformation from her original condition. She is very light to ride, but full of energy. She wants to go!
Several of the horses are in need of conditioning and we welcome experienced riders to volunteer.
Sterling is a pleasure to ride, but needs reinforced ground manners. We expect she will be adopted quickly.

sunny spa day

Today is a great one, sunshine and time for baths and shiny coats for new photos. look for new updates coming soon!!!
Love to groom?? want to join us? email for more information, we need your helping hands!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

a new week...

This new week will be a very busy one for us. Despite the rain we need to get one building down off site and then up on site. Another two need the roofs on. Please let us know if you can help for a few hours. Friday and Saturday and Sunday will be our focus days. We are so looking forward to having these major projects done.... then we can think of a covered work area for the horses.
Prep is underway too for our fundraiser, if you want to help that weekend -April 23/24 please contact us.
We are still in waiting for Mama Mia, no baby yet.
Quinn is a little restless, he want to run with the big boys, but not just yet. He lets us handle him a fair bit, he is very curious when we come to see him, more work with him this week as the weather permits.
Emma is feeling a bit better, moving much better. She was kicked last week and is on bute and prophylactic antibiotics for pain and swelling on that knee, she is shedding out more to the prettiest liver chestnut color.
Shelby is now shedding out, a good sign for a cushings horse, she too looks to have a liver chestnut undercoat. She has joined up with Bree out in pasture, seeing as her buddy Emma is confined.
That's all for now, more pictures and updates this week.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

welcome to April

April is here already, it seems we just started this new year and here we are in the 4th month.

This first day is a special one for Mesha, and on it we wish you a very Happy Birthday!!
Thank you Mesha for all of your talent and hard work on our website. Much of the design and upkeep is thanks to her skill and dedication.

We quite expected to have a new baby by this month but Momma Mia has kept us waiting. We are hoping this week...

Our new guy Quinn is settled in well, he receives frequent visits to his barn by the herd who stand by and keep him company. We will continue on his ground work as weather permits.

Many thanks and much appreciation goes to Vicki this week, she has been a trouper helping with feedings this week, undeterred by wind or rain. We are hoping this next week brings much sunshine for assessments and continued work and training of the horses.