Sunday, June 27, 2010


This week is the start of a change of schedule for myself and as a result for the rescue as well. We will be able to have additional volunteer days that will consist of 2-4 hour periods in the mornings. These will be times committed to both horse care and ranch work. We welcome regular volunteers to arrange times to work with us and encourage you to become a barn mom or dad to a particular horse. Also coming are days dedicated to our young horse enthusiasts. Watch for announced days and times.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mia and Macy

Mia and Macy have joined out general herd out in pasture at the ranch, all is well, It is a beautiful thing to watch the herd in motion, just being horses.

Monday, June 21, 2010

many thanks!!!

A special thank you and much appreciation for Stephanie who has helped out til dark this weekend. She is a long time horse gal,great around the horses and game for our many projects. We need more like you!!!
Cassanova is back at the ranch with sore knees, unable to perform as his adopting owner needed. so once stable he again will be available for a light riding home. In the meantime he is in love with Stephanie, following her around like a puppy....

Sunday, June 20, 2010

a few of our volunteers

I great bunch of gals.... we accomplished a lot and we had fun, please come back again!!!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

great girls made it a great day!!

Today was a small showing for our volunteer day, but what a bunch they were!! I huge thank you for all that we accomplished!!
We have our stalls in our 4 stall barn all prepped for mats.... there was a wonderful job of cleaning for our little ones Macy and Tina, and framing was completed and walls up on our new tack room. Lots of wind didn't stop us.... even though it tried pretty hard.
forgive the lack of pictures, computer acting up....

Friday, June 18, 2010

more projects

Projects continue, framing for our tack room and barn work continues. We will have a few extra hands tomorrow and hope to have it completed... pics to follow

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

busy busy busy

Today was a full day. We were assisted with a vet day by Kathryn, she transported 2 of our horses and one placed to a central barn where we shared a vet call.

There was exams and dental work (Sugar)

say "AAAAHHHHH" now, rinse and spit".... ok drool- close enough

X-Rays and exam (Cassanova)
" I just stand real still and look handsome right?"

and a castration (sorry baby boy Quinn)

"was that a needle???? aahhhh ......nice soft green bed..."

" don't know what you're doing..... don't care"

"where did everyone go?? I'm soooo sleepy"

"never mind.... .... more sleep"

A big thank you to Dr Kessinger who let us tag onto his vet call. All went well and everyone behaved very well. A little sleepy from medications they got to enjoy the afternoon sun. Our day was almost done.... all but the drive home.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Macy growing up...

Macy has decided that momma Mia's food looks yummy, but Mia does not want to share with pushy babies (might have something to do with energetic little spells of kicking and bucking where she kicked mom).... so now there are 2 bowls of grain.
Macy is a very friendly personable little one, we love on her daily and now she is learning to lead.

It was recently said I am "mom" to all of them, and how hard it will be to let her go. Every one of the horses has their own personality and I get to know them well. We are a small rescue and we want to make sure that we take that time to get to know the horses to ensure the horse have a home that is going to be well suited to them. That is our goal, but in the mean time each one is treated like they are our own personal horses, and given that individual attention. The trust and relationship that is formed is my reward....

Saturday, June 12, 2010

trail ride for 10

The trio .... Bree Shelby and Emma

Tonight I decided the weather was perfect for an evening ride. Bree and I rode as the sun set, riding along just the two of us... or so we thought. Curious bunch they are, the herd had to run over and see where we were going. Duke, Maggie, Zaida, Kay, Dixie, Keeva, Mya, Shelby and Emma followed us a half mile or so down the road, then stopped and waited for us to return. Upon our return trip they ran to greet us and we were escorted all the way back to the corrals, Emma and Shelby flanking us so close I could have changed mounts on either side. And here I though I was going on a solo ride.....

Friday, June 11, 2010

coming along...

The wind was trying hard to stop us today, but the work continued.... the roof is half done, soon to be completed. Special thanks to Vicki and Marcio and our new volunteers who helped clean and feed. There is still much building and always chores, please contact us to become a volunteer

Thursday, June 10, 2010

updated pictures of some of the gals

Bree and her gal pals Emma and Shelby

Mya looking great and started under ground work

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

a week of excitement

These past days were full of adventure. Cassanova has returned home. His trip was not without excitement, the hot day burned more fuel than we had so on the Altamont pass we sat with an empty tank. The highway emergency crew came to the rescue, but a half mile later we blew a tire and were stranded again. Our long time supporter Joey came and brought us a tire..... but it did not fit. After that I learned you can in fact haul a 2 axle trailer home on 3 tires.... if you block the springs. That was a little scary, no bumps please. We putted back the 6 miles or so at 25 MPH, just slow enough to burn the 1 gallon of gas we received from the emergency truck.... of course in the middle of the intersection we ran out of gas again, and had to be rescued again. Thank God for cell phones and Joey to the rescue. For those who say TB's are hot and impatient...come meet Cassanova. He never made a fuss through our 3 hour ordeal, even with 4 lanes of traffic speeding by. Updates on Cassanova after his check up.
We had a dental day at the rescue. John Mares does equine dentistry and is a wealth of information. You can find out more on his website.
Monroe, Mia, Mya and Kay had their teeth taken care of as well as Kay having wolf teeth pulled. A huge thank you to Kathryn for assisting and providing sedation for our patients. Those interested in attending an information workshop on dental care please contact us.
A training session and evaluation of Jake took place, he still has genuine fears but is doing so well. We are riding him and very happy to see him moving along.
Momma Mia and baby Macy are happy girls, Macy learning to lead and learning the rope (and shirts, fingers, arms, jackets, zippers,boots, jeans etc) are not lunch. She loves visitors and nickers and runs to greet you... whats not to love about that!
There has been surveying for fence lines and we are anticipating putting in posts this weekend. There will be many physical changes, but will be a worthwhile effort when all is done. The buildings are coming along and we will be having a "paint party " when all are ready.
Sunshine has been ordered and we know it will be arriving soon!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Fun Friday

Today was a warm sunny day and we enjoyed our volunteers that came out to play. Many horses got lessons and exercise as did we. Miss Tina played escape artist and got off her lead and had quite the time running around the pastures and pens. I She knew we wanted to catch her so she kept up her little pace and had 5 of us running around. You would never guess those little legs could move that fast... that was fun!!!
Macy got much more attention, and loves her scratches. unsure what to do when she gets her little pats and scratches she grooms mom instead. Mia kept turning around to see what Macy was up to.
Cleaning of the pens and barn and horses kept us all busy... lots more of that of course, so be sure to come and join our efforts.

more comings and goings

Updates on our herd.... Our mare Mia and little filly Macy are home at last, Macy is 4 weeks old now. Buster and Sterling have new homes and are being spoiled. Pictures promised soon. Sterling will be in front of many people as she carries a young lady in competition next weekend, details when we have them.
The rescue set up is going to change as the land owners divide the property. There will be much moving of fences, buildings and shelters, as well as the construction of a new fence. The co-owners of the property are restructuring their layout and as a result we will have to do the same. A lot of work, but a chance for both to have a better set up. We need as many hands as possible for the work so please help us on our weekends. Any one with tools and or construction equipment are especially needed.
We are still looking for a few people who can dedicate regular time to the rescue and help with behind the scenes work. Please contact us if you are interested. We require a minimum of 2 days a week on or off site.
check back soon for updates and pictures.