Saturday, March 31, 2018

March 2018

After almost 9 years as a non-profit, I have come to the difficult decision that I can no longer keep the rescue open. I can no longer personally finance the rescues operations and run the daily operations, as well as work my job and be a supportive wife to my husband in his struggles. Heartfelt wishes and prayers are wonderful but they don't pull horses from auction nor pay the bills that come with rescues.

I am Very proud of the fact that we have made a difference to so many horses. I am grateful for every dollar that has come our way and every hour and hand that has been given in the efforts to help the horses since 2009.

We are officially closing the rescue doors as of 31st. We are donating our rescue tack to horses honor

My personal efforts to help horses will continue as time and funds allow, I will continue gentling and finding homes for the many mustangs in holding pens. My efforts will be posted on its own page ( ) and you are invited to follow on Facebook as well ( )

For those of you who have supported the rescues efforts, even if just in spirit, my heart felt thanks.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

August 1 2017

July has been a busy month for us and we are busy preparing for the fall months. Getting Hay is our priority right now. Adoptions are the main part of our fund drive and we are happy to say we have had several horses go to new homes. All Of our TIP program horses and been adopted and have gone to their new homes. Congratulations to Sue, Lexy, Stacy on your new horses. 
We have also have  several other mustangs available for adoption.

Pending adoptions include our auction rescue mustang Cody, and a BLM mustangs Amber and  Red Cloud. All funds from these adoptions are going towards the hay purchase for the year. 

We still have a need for adoptions and donations to make our $6000 hay bill. Your contributions are greatly needed and tax deductible, please help us ensure the horses will have plenty of hay this winter by donating to Lone Oak Rescue through the donation link.

We are continuing to bring in mustangs, adopting/gentling BLM mustangs and re-homing them with a small fee that helps the rescue continue to do its work.

Pictured below are the current horses available for adoption through the rescue

Ace is a  mustang yearling, new to the rescue and here for gentling. he will be available post gentling.

Beau is a 2 1/2 yr old mustang gelding, he leads and is loves attention, he continues to learn more every day.
Duke and his buddy Dutchess are both flea bitten Arabians available for adoption, both are well broke and Dutchess is suitable for a kids horse as she is gentle and well trained.

 Jack is Nevada range mustang available for adoption, suitable for a small rider, needs to continue training, but is now under saddle and doing well at the walk and trot. 
Phoenix is a courtesy listing,he is a big boy, a half Arab/Quarter horse, he is 8 yrs old, well broke and a great trail horse
Red Cloud is a  BLM yearling mustang in for gentling and re-assignment, his training fee will go to the hay fund of the rescue
***Adoption pending***

Cody is a mustang rescued from auction, he is broke to ride and drive
*** adoption pending***
Amber is a titled BLM mustang , Adoption pending

Hawk is adopted and gone home with Lexy
Grayson has been adopted and gone out to his new home

Rose is gentled and has been adopted by Stacy

Dancer is a new BLM mustang here for gentling and has been adopted

Saturday, June 24, 2017

June 2017

The months have been flying by and here we are half way through the year already.  As always we are short on helping hands, funds and time as we juggle our paying jobs with our non paying work. Our mission continues to do our part bringing horses to a safe place. We are dedicated to making a difference one horse at a time. Weather it be a horse who has found its way to animal control, dumped at an auction, forgotten in a pasture or just a result of families having to make hard choices, we will do our best to help, through rehab and retraining and finding them a new home.  As I went through the hundreds of photos for this blog entry I am flooded with years of memories, of the over 100 horses our few hands have rescued and recovered from countless horrid conditions. Not all of our stories have happy endings, but the ones that do far exceed the ones that came to us too late, and it makes me push on. The rescue is still very much in need and we strive to make our small ranch better with each project and know that one day the big projects will be done, meanwhile we fit in what time and funds allow and put our horses as our priority.
These past few weeks we have been very busy bringing in several new horses. We have several mustangs who are being gentled and will then be ready to be started under saddle as well as others who are being restarted.

Chloe loves attention and greets us when we approach the barn. She is a 7 year old BLM mare who loves people.
Beau pokes his head out of the stall window and waits patiently for his hay but especially enjoys helping himself when you bring it in. He is a 2 year old BLM gelding

Our yearlings have made great progress,
 Hawk has been adopted and gone out to her new mom.

 She is joining Amber
 who is being fostered but likely being adopted as well since she has won Lexy's heart! 

Grayson is completing his requirements and has an adopter waiting to take him home, where he will join another BLM mustang, Spirit who has come through our TIP program.

 Rose has taken quite some time to warm up to people but we are happy to say she has finally come around and is bonding with her new owner Stacy. 

Duke with Lexy

Our matching Arabians Duke and Dutchess have joined the herd and enjoying running in back pasture. We would prefer they be adopted together. Duke has been back under saddle for a refresher and is doing well.

 Our latest auction rescue has turned out to be a sweetheart, he is still acclimating to the herd after his quarantine period but has proven himself to already be a quiet leader in the pasture. He is thought to be broke to ride and drive, we will be starting from the ground and reviewing the basics as it has been years but so far we are in love

Also available and back under saddle is our mustang Jack
Jack under saddle with Lexy

Adopted out together are Maggie and Dusty,
They have both found a local home where they are loved and spoiled.

Adonis  in Yosemite

This spring we had to say goodbye to two of our favorites long time herd members, 
Adonis and Teddy. We will miss them dearly but find comfort in knowing we gave them their last several years full of love and attention. Rest in peace sweet boys
Teddy giving the kids a ride

We were lucky to be a part of a friends children's school report on non-profits, where our littlest herd members were featured. They got lots of TLC and enjoyed the attention!
our mini herd enjoying the sun
We are making a concerted effort to help the many mustangs who are in holding pens. These horses too need to have that chance at a better life. They may not be suffering abuse nor at risk of slaughter, but they are there without their own person, just waiting to be chosen and blossom into wonderful partners. These horses are truly clean slates with the right training their abilities can take you into most any discipline. We can help you find your new equine partner and complete the gentling process. There are countless colors and sizes to choose from. All adoptions through our TIP program are a joint program through the BLM and the Mustang Heritage Foundation. The application process and adoption fee of $125 is through the BLM, we can assist you through the approval process and choosing the right horse. We will transport your choice to the rescue where we will then gentle your new equine partner. Please consider one of these wonderful horses if you are looking for a new project.

As always we appreciate your input, suggestions and most of all your time.
Please feel free to contact us via our Facebook, phone or email.
 We look forward to having you join our efforts at
 Lone Oak Rescue

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Febuary 2017

We are happy to say we have completed another 2 mustangs TIP training and have sent them out with their new owner. The funds from their training are being directed to grain and supplements for the new rescues as well as our last farrier cycle which was over $500. In addition the funds will help purchase building supplies for the new solid round pen. We have one more of this bunch of TIP horses who has made great progress and expect he will soon be ready to go to his new home as well

We will be accepting 2 new horses into the TIP program at Lone Oak rescue in the upcoming weeks, if you are interested please contact us so we can match your preferences if possible.

Along with upcoming mustangs we have several horses available for adoption, from rescues to courtesy listing with a portion of their sale donated to the rescue.
We have also taken in two new rescues, both Arabians and quite bonded. The mare is quite underweight but otherwise healthy. The gelding is younger and simply in need of conditioning.

Remember to follow us on Facebook for daily updates and photos.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

We are happy to welcome 2017, and look forward to a year of good things!. A lot has happened in 2016, and is time to catch everyone up! The construction and clean up of the new property has taken much more time and money then planned, and we've had many delays from personal injuries and recovery, but are now back on track and moving forward. We might not be cosmetically and functionally complete but we've made good progress.

We have the arena and round pens in place. We have a separate quarantine area for new intakes, two at a time, and we have a mustang barn and custom pens for the mustang program.
The red barn has been upgraded to the mustang facility, complete with custom 7 ft corrals.
It is a key component to the mustang program we started participating in last June. We are taking in unhanded mustangs from the BLM (Bureau of land management ) and through the Mustang Heritage Foundation are TIP training these mustangs so they are ready for adoption. They come to us unhandled and are gentled and trained to lead, groom, tied, load and pickup their feet. They are then available through the Mustang Heritage Foundation to adopt for a fee of $125. The fee received from the TIP training, is donated to the rescue for the care of these and all the horses at Lone Oak.

Nevada and Levi were the first two horses to come through the TIP program here at Lone Oak. They have both been adopted and have gone to their new homes. Emmett was next, he has been adopted and will go out following his farrier visit. Cassanova and Spirit were the last two, both are still at the rescue but have pending adopters, Cass is almost finished his training, and Spirit is still early in the gentling process.  If you are interested in adoption a mustang and having us do the TIP training please contact me. we will have openings in February.

We have yet to rebuild our 8 stall barn which was relocated to make room for the arena, unfortunately our helpers had a personal crisis so it was delayed and now we are delayed further due to weather. It and our hay barn repairs are the two major projects for this spring.
We are also constructing a solid round pen to aid in gentling the mustangs and for first rides on the horses in training.

We currently have numerous senior horses who will live out their lives here as well as a slow but steady influx of rescues and mustangs. We always in need extra hands for care and maintenance of horses and of course the fun office work behind the scenes. We really need another hand to help with the computer blog and Facebook updates, computer knowledge is essential. We ask for your support in any way you are able, financially we are always in need, and are looking for sponsors for our new intakes, their initial rescue and recovery and follow up care. Please contact us for helping at the rescue and donations may be made through our Paypal account.
As always we thank you for your support, and looking forward great success stories in 2017.

Round pen

Riding Arena 

Mystic and Dixie kicking up the dust in the arena

Our new solid round pen under construction, will be adjacent to the mustang barn for training purposes


Nevada and Levi at the BLM holding facility.

Nevada with his new mom post adoption
Levi with his new mom and dad

Cassanova and Emmett with their new mom Abby

Spirit is in the process of his TIP training, he is much more untrusting and is needing more time to build that trust. progress comes in tiny steps with this boy, he has a pending home.

Spirit in the mustang barn, Teddy is our permanent resident providing some companionship and security to Spirit

Some updates on current horses. Lacey is one of the adopted mustangs who may be reassigned, she is out for training and on trial with Clayton. Jack is back under saddle and available for adoption.

Lacey with Clayton

Jack is back under saddle and available for adoption

Jack waiting to be saddled

Our first rescue of 2017 is a sweet Appaloosa we've named Dustin. He needs groceries, and then will be evaluated for training and available for adoption. His winter coat and color hides the fact that he is underweight, but hands on tell a different story, no worries Dustin, you'll get fat and happy this year!

Dustin on arrival

Dustin getting some grazing time in

Dustin having a rest

 Two new permanent additions to the rescue, just here for love and attention, ok we can do that!

These are two senior geldings, Puck and Opie

Katie giving Puck some good grooming
Opie is a handsome fella under all that mane