Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Febuary 2017

We are happy to say we have completed another 2 mustangs TIP training and have sent them out with their new owner. The funds from their training are being directed to grain and supplements for the new rescues as well as our last farrier cycle which was over $500. In addition the funds will help purchase building supplies for the new solid round pen. We have one more of this bunch of TIP horses who has made great progress and expect he will soon be ready to go to his new home as well

We will be accepting 2 new horses into the TIP program at Lone Oak rescue in the upcoming weeks, if you are interested please contact us so we can match your preferences if possible.

Along with upcoming mustangs we have several horses available for adoption, from rescues to courtesy listing with a portion of their sale donated to the rescue.
We have also taken in two new rescues, both Arabians and quite bonded. The mare is quite underweight but otherwise healthy. The gelding is younger and simply in need of conditioning.

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Saturday, January 28, 2017

We are happy to welcome 2017, and look forward to a year of good things!. A lot has happened in 2016, and is time to catch everyone up! The construction and clean up of the new property has taken much more time and money then planned, and we've had many delays from personal injuries and recovery, but are now back on track and moving forward. We might not be cosmetically and functionally complete but we've made good progress.

We have the arena and round pens in place. We have a separate quarantine area for new intakes, two at a time, and we have a mustang barn and custom pens for the mustang program.
The red barn has been upgraded to the mustang facility, complete with custom 7 ft corrals.
It is a key component to the mustang program we started participating in last June. We are taking in unhanded mustangs from the BLM (Bureau of land management ) and through the Mustang Heritage Foundation are TIP training these mustangs so they are ready for adoption. They come to us unhandled and are gentled and trained to lead, groom, tied, load and pickup their feet. They are then available through the Mustang Heritage Foundation to adopt for a fee of $125. The fee received from the TIP training, is donated to the rescue for the care of these and all the horses at Lone Oak.

Nevada and Levi were the first two horses to come through the TIP program here at Lone Oak. They have both been adopted and have gone to their new homes. Emmett was next, he has been adopted and will go out following his farrier visit. Cassanova and Spirit were the last two, both are still at the rescue but have pending adopters, Cass is almost finished his training, and Spirit is still early in the gentling process.  If you are interested in adoption a mustang and having us do the TIP training please contact me. we will have openings in February.

We have yet to rebuild our 8 stall barn which was relocated to make room for the arena, unfortunately our helpers had a personal crisis so it was delayed and now we are delayed further due to weather. It and our hay barn repairs are the two major projects for this spring.
We are also constructing a solid round pen to aid in gentling the mustangs and for first rides on the horses in training.

We currently have numerous senior horses who will live out their lives here as well as a slow but steady influx of rescues and mustangs. We always in need extra hands for care and maintenance of horses and of course the fun office work behind the scenes. We really need another hand to help with the computer blog and Facebook updates, computer knowledge is essential. We ask for your support in any way you are able, financially we are always in need, and are looking for sponsors for our new intakes, their initial rescue and recovery and follow up care. Please contact us for helping at the rescue and donations may be made through our Paypal account.
As always we thank you for your support, and looking forward great success stories in 2017.

Round pen

Riding Arena 

Mystic and Dixie kicking up the dust in the arena

Our new solid round pen under construction, will be adjacent to the mustang barn for training purposes


Nevada and Levi at the BLM holding facility.

Nevada with his new mom post adoption
Levi with his new mom and dad

Cassanova and Emmett with their new mom Abby

Spirit is in the process of his TIP training, he is much more untrusting and is needing more time to build that trust. progress comes in tiny steps with this boy, he has a pending home.

Spirit in the mustang barn, Teddy is our permanent resident providing some companionship and security to Spirit

Some updates on current horses. Lacey is one of the adopted mustangs who may be reassigned, she is out for training and on trial with Clayton. Jack is back under saddle and available for adoption.

Lacey with Clayton

Jack is back under saddle and available for adoption

Jack waiting to be saddled

Our first rescue of 2017 is a sweet Appaloosa we've named Dustin. He needs groceries, and then will be evaluated for training and available for adoption. His winter coat and color hides the fact that he is underweight, but hands on tell a different story, no worries Dustin, you'll get fat and happy this year!

Dustin on arrival

Dustin getting some grazing time in

Dustin having a rest

 Two new permanent additions to the rescue, just here for love and attention, ok we can do that!

These are two senior geldings, Puck and Opie

Katie giving Puck some good grooming
Opie is a handsome fella under all that mane

Friday, September 23, 2016

changes in 2016

Its been a while coming but we are transitioning to a new website.
Please be patient while waiting for this transition to take place, we are still very much up and running though at a slower pace with renovations at the rescue taking more time and funds than expected. Your support as always needed and appreciated greatly.

One of our new ventures is helping some of the many mustangs who are in holding pens with the BLM to find new homes. We are taking in two at a time and gentling them so they can be further trained and adopted into qualified homes. The two pictured below are 6 year old geldings. The adoption fee for one of these gentled horses is $125. All applications and approvals are through the mustang heritage foundation, applications may also be picked up at the rescue.To learn more about the adoption process and how you can adopt please visit the website.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Happy Holidays


As 2015 draws to an end we extend our wishes for a wonderful holiday season and much happiness and success in the New Year.
I want to express my Thanks and appreciation
for your contributions, large and small
encouraging words over this past year.
Our transition has taken much longer than anticipated, but as new ideas and plans are incorporated I am excited to know we can do even more for our deserving horses. 
From Our Barn
Merry Christmas...
Happy New Year!!! 

Friday, May 8, 2015

Spring 2015

Things at Lone Oak are quiet these days with no new horses coming in. We unfortunately are not accepting new horses at this time, instead we are focusing on the development of the ranch, and supporting areas so we can regroup and be able to stay strong and successful in our efforts.

We are busy developing plans, and getting ready with the new projects. Those include moving barns, tack rooms, creating an obstacle course, adding an arena and a new round pen, replacing fencing and putting up new fence. To date we have set up the new round pen and have had the initial prep for the barn pad completed.

The new site of the arena will encompass the areas of the barns and more, in total should be approx. 80 x 120.

The projects are many and we could use help for many things. If you are interested in being a part of our continued success please contact us. We are accepting new members to our board, and need volunteers with construction and electrical experience. General labor is always needed and welcome.
If you are not able to lend a helping hand but want to support our efforts please consider a donation of funds or supplies for our rescue facilities. All donations are tax deductible.

We look forward to seeing the projects completed and our rescue back in full swing!

Friday, February 27, 2015

New hapenings in 2015

New happenings in 2015
With the New Year well underway our plans for the new location have been firmed and are underway. with trial and error in our physical set up, we have discovered the need to relocate key elements of the rescue. This means we are relocating both of our barns to permanent locations and making room for a new arena and two round pens, utilizing our rustic barns for tack rooms and refurbishing our pole barn. As well there will be a volunteers area where we can have refreshments and other formal viewing areas to watch events and horses under training.
To make time and moneys available we have had to halt any incoming horses and all public activities both to ensure public safety and to focus on improvements. If you would like to donate to these vital improvements we would appreciate your support, and remember all donations are tax deductible, donations can be made through our PayPal under the name of Lone Oak Rescue. If you have a skill you would like to share, we are in need of labor help and electrical and pluming work on the new buildings. To date we have relocated the largest of our round pens, and have started the ground work for the largest barns location, falling trees and removing boulders. The pens have found permanent locations, water has been rerouted and permanent single waters are being installed.
We are hoping all will be completed by summer to open back to regular activities and by fall include some public events such as trail challenges and demonstrations.
As always we welcome suggestions, comments and would love to hear from those interested in being a part of our work. If you are interested in office work, helping with adoptions, intakes and placements exercising, evaluating and assisting with training please contact us at info@loneoakrescue.org. We may be a small rescue but we are very proud of our success!