Sunday, November 28, 2010

The weather these days has been up and down, with plenty of sunshine between the showers. A big thank you to those volunteers who come help, even on the rainy days. It is hard to come out on those not so nice days, and I am so appreciative, as I too get "under the weather".... speaking of which, I'll take this as an opportunity to remind you to all get your flu shots... tis the season.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Today was a beautiful day at the rescue......blues skies and sunshine shone over our hills and our horses grazed on new grass. JD is back with the rescue and today he joined the herd for the first time. He is a beautiful boy, and the mares ran around him kicking up their heels. Head and tail held high he snorted a time or two and trotted up the hill to join the herd.

During the night our Macy had an adventure.... the young calves next door had pushed on the fencing and lowered it just right that Miss long legs stepped over it. However the view from the other side of the fence was different.... The top of the fence was higher on that side and so there she spent the night..... 7 handsome black Angus calves kept her company, from a distance of course. Our Macy is quite the energetic filly, and was running around their pasture. On our side Momma Mia stood with Uncle Duke, ( My boy Duke has adopted Macy as his offspring).
It took but a moment to lead Macy to the gate and send her on her way with Momma and Duke, none the worse for wear but a small scratch from the fence. Myself of course... I did fencing to keep curious calves on their side, and all before breakfast.

I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and we see you again soon.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The winter rains are turning our hills green and the paddocks muddy. We do have a great barn now and all the horses are out of the rain and wind. The barns still need work to ensure the rains stay out, gutters to be hung and auto water and feeders installed, but the horses are happy in their stalls.

We have a new hay storage shed coming soon, and our Foaling barn is underway in preparation for any mare in need this coming spring.

Pictures still are unavailable due to technical difficulties..... but coming soon

Saturday, November 20, 2010

This weekends rains have not put a damper on our activities... with the help of many great volunteers we are completing our winter preparations. Pictures coming soon.

Tomorrow we will gathering at Tommy T's, Thank you to those of you who purchased tickets, and those who donated. Every dollar helps us care for our horses.

We have many horses still needing homes, please consider adoption or sponsorship this season.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

There are many things of beauty in this world, but to see our new 8 stall barn standing, and horses in their new stalls, well it was a beautiful sight to me. Thanks to the great efforts by Jessica, Jacob, Jerell, Bobby and Alec.
Along with their efforts were the great students from De La Salle High School. Many thanks to Nicholas, Will, Blake and Robin, have been putting in hours at the ranch helping to clean, feed and work on our construction projects.
There have been many changes to our set up along the way, but they have all fallen into place nicely. Soon our days filled with construction and planning will be replaced by days full of horse only activities. I thank all of you who have helped us along the way.

Monday, November 15, 2010

The winds are a challenge to us in the past 2 days, we are close to completion of the barn requiring the last of the roofing to be in place. Unfortunately with the wind gusts we are being delayed. The weekend will be one focused on settling all down for the winter. Saturday and Sunday days are open for volunteers.
There has been new donations of tack and blankets, a huge thank you to Winnie who made a special trip to bring us many treasures of saddles, blankets, halters and more. As you settle your own barns for the winter and are going through your tack please consider donating those items no longer needed or wanted. Those items not used by the rescue will be added to out spring tack swap and sale.
Please support us this weekend by purchasing tickets for the comedy show at Tommy T's in Pleasanton. Tickets should be purchased through our website, or if you're local to Livermore by calling 925-518-8987.
If you are unable to attend the event please consider a donation directly to the rescue. We need your support.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

new barn mom

We have a new helper for our daily chores and are very pleased. Though she has zero horse experience, she walks around them like she has been with them her whole life. She has taken a liking to Monroe and he to her. It is amazing to see this match come together. She has ridden twice in her life, but she is attracted to one of our biggest boys and a boss in the herd. I look forward to her working with him and riding, as does she. Welcome Elisa.
If you would like to be a barn mom and help care for one of our horses, please contact us.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Yesterdays rains and wind were a reminder of the down side of winter. Blankets and sheets were brought out, horses were sized and dressed. I am hoping we make it through winter with fewer blankets mishaps, but am sure there will be some. JP though it was fun pulling at Maggie's blanket as I dressed her, and when unable to do that, took a hold of her lead in his mouth and held onto it. I think he was tying to help, they are such characters.
We do have a need for smaller blankets , if you have any gathering dust we could sure use them. I am hoping the weather continues to hold off this week as we get the 8 stall completed, we are looking for extra hands on Friday. Please email us if you can join us then.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

latest news....

Today we were blessed with a beautiful day and the help of 3 strong young men from De La Salle High School. They quickly we were able to plot out the site of our new 8 stall barn and started the heavy work of raising the panels. In a short period of time much was accomplished. We are hoping the majority of the panels will be in place by Saturday so we are able to focus on installing the roofing. We are excited to see this barn coming together as it has long been both wanted and needed.
Please contact us if you are able to volunteer a few hours this weekend. Even if you are unable to do the barn work there are many horses in need of grooming, stall signs to make, and items to mark and assign to the horses so please join us.

latest news....

There are many happy horses on our hills this morning since the rains have brought the start of green grass . Closer to the barn we have JD who has returned to the rescue requiring medical care, also close by are the smallest members of our herd Tina and Rio. They have their own pasture to roam around in. We have cleared the way for the new barn to be started and the panels start going up today. Here are a few of the herd relaxing on that site.