Monday, September 19, 2011


Updates from the ranch.... here are some pictures of our new intakes...These young fillies all came from the feedlot in Nevada. They have never been around people before so they are unhandled. They are all on quarantine right now as they came through the feedlot, They are from a ranch dispersal of Quarter horses, paints and appaloosas. We are in need of sponsors and homes for these young fillies. They are the perfect age and would be ready to start training come spring.

Below is Mi Carina, she is being sponsored by Christine, she has already become much more accustomed to people and allowing us to touch her and she will take hay from our hands. She is very fine boned, we believe that she may be a quarter/arab. She is a dark grey roan.

This gal we have named Fanci, she is likely 2 years old, she is afraid, but curious at the same time. We have not handled her yet, but she will take a few steps toward me and eat off the flake of hay when I hold it out to her. Fanci needs a sponsor and a home.
This little sweetheart is Tessa, she is about a year and a half. She is being sponsored by myself and will have a home here with me at Lone Oak. Tessa has allowed me to handle her a lot and has accepted with a rope around her neck, back and feet.
This little gal is yet to be named, she has a sponsor pending, she is a sweetheart, and took steps toward me on the first day I entered her pen. She has a small lump in her jaw line which we will have the vet assess, for now she eats well so we are allowing her to settle in. We estimate her to be between a year and 2 years old.

This filly too is between one and two, she is less trusting but very curious. She is very nicely put together and we believe she is full Quarter. She needs a name and a sponsor and a home.
From our previous feedlot we have updates on our mule Jester, he is gaining weight but he still needs muscle. He has the run of the ranch and eats everything and anything. he loves to have his head scratched and to be loved on. The grandson has sat on him and we've led him around. Jester just loves the attention. He is available for adoption.
Jester on arrival...
Jester today
Rosa is a senior mare, she came in extremely thin and has slowly gained weight and muscle. she is a buddy to Jester, she too has the run of the ranch, these two are supplemented along with pasture and both Jester and Rosa will continue to need supplements to maintain their weight.
Rosa on arrival.....
Rosa today....