Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Quinn leaves us

Today I took Quinn to his new home. As we started down the driveway Duke ran following us, he and Quinn calling back and forth. I stopped and told Duke he had to say goodbye because Quinn was leaving. I was stopped for 4 or 5 minutes as they put nose to nose several times and then I started to drive away slowly. Duke stood and watched for a few moments and then ran back to the barns where he stood and watched us leave. What they communicated to each other I have no idea, but Quinn was quiet the rest of the ride and settled in to eating upon arrival. I want to think Duke said everything will be okay... kinda pulls at the heart strings
Big brother Duke and little Quinn

Monday, July 19, 2010

sunday trails

a few pictures from our leisure day Sunday

Saturday, July 17, 2010

great day!

Saturday was productive and a great time. A special thank you to John for the doors to our tack room, as well as the many hands helping with daily maintenance. There was new introductions to horses and for some it brought back that urge to ride, and so we did. Duke, Bree, Dixie, were wonderful to there riders and Kalib and Jake did great on there lessons. A few of our recent pictures to share...

Vicki and Kalib
Quinn and David are buddies

back in the saddle like they never missed a day!!!

Davids first ride on a horse......

A few instructions...........
a trial run with Stephanie.......
David solo on Duke
Aileen on Dixie......our horses do love that tar weed !!!

A toast to a great day with a nice cold coke!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

back home

This week one of my favorite horses came home. Kalib is a wonderful little guy, has not finished his training, will do so with us. He is a high energy arabian who requires time and dedication. He is available with training stipulations.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

play day

Today there was much running around, myself with errands that never end and with the horses, well running just for the fun of it!. Quinn must have woke the playful side of Cass as together they ran bucked and reared playing tag back and forth. Cass of course leaving little Quinn behind when he decided to stretch those long TB legs.... what a delight to see him stretch out running ,nothing keeping up but the wind.
He set off the herd and away they ran up and down the hills. Mia and Macy in the middle of the herd that was running full tilt.
It is amazing that little Macy only 8 weeks old keeps up with Mom, but there she was right by her side. Its days like this that make me want to sit on the hill and do nothing but watch them just being horses.

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Finally a minute to sit and update. Mia had an episode of colic and all hands were on deck to pull her through, she is doing well. Macy is growing like crazy, sassy and loving to run in the pasture. Mya is accepting a saddle well and expect to be on her soon. More ground work and an evening ride with Stephanie finished my day.