Wednesday, August 31, 2011

lots of new News!!!

I know there hasn't been as many postings and happenings at the rescue this summer, but we are hard at work....

I want to share that we have 4 of our horses at or completed training with Dina Cabral.
you can find videos of Jake, Kay and Kalib all under saddle posted on our Facebook page.
It is so exciting to see the huge progress they have made.... and looking forward to finding them new homes.

Jake is at home post training and is doing wonderful, an occasional spook in place and nervous at times, but so much better. I have ridden Jake myself several times since he has been home and he was wonderful, he still needs an experienced rider as we want to build on his new experiences with a confident rider. He has even been roped off of and worked on cattle herding .

Kay has inquiries on her for adoption, she is mellow and easy to ride, she is home in just 2 weeks.
Her video is on Facebook as well.

Kalib is under saddle after 2 weeks of ground work, looking much more relaxed than I thought he would. I should not be surprised, as he is such a smart boy, he has lots of energy, but did not even try to buck even once. Check out his video, he is so handsome!!!

Mia is making slower progress, but she too is under saddle. videos of her are pending.

Back at the ranch Jp is making a great recovery. His foot fracture continues to look better with each radiograph. He is now on hand walking and in a 12x24 stall, and remains sound at the moment. Time will tell if he will be a riding horse again, we are hoping so... next update in a few weeks.

Our Feed lot rescues are doing well, and need to find their homes. Rosa and Jester have put on weight but still have muscle to regain.... they have vastly improved from when they arrived. Our hot headed boy Adonis has calmed down.... he is a handful on the ground but very responsive under saddle, energetic, and soooo smooth to ride.

Pearl and Shawney did drop weight on pasture but were put back on supplements and are regaining nicely.... Shawney may have her new home..... pearl is looking and feeling great, she needs a new home and a job!

I have said we would not be taking in new horses but could not say no to the babies at risk..... so there are 3 yearling fillies to arrive at Lone Oak, a paint, a roan and an appaloosa.

I am looking for sponsors for them.... they have little to no handling so will take some time before they are available for adoption. we are hoping they can be within 60-90 days, the first 30 will be under quarantine as they are coming from the feed lot.

The cost just to get them from the feedlot is $225 each plus any holding fees and transportation/vet/farrier costs.... and then we get to start their work
any contributions can be made through the website to our paypal.... please mark the donations for the fillies....
I will post pictures as soon as I can and start the naming process as well.

Please help where you can with any donations to help us prepare for the upcoming winter.... Hay is priced high, but we might be able to get a deal from a local grower..... our goal is to raise enough to buy 300 bales of alfalfa, that should hold us until our pastures green up.... current prices are good at $12 a bale.

As always thank you to the volunteers for your support.... the rescue could not run without you.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

horses in training...

latest training news.... Kay is doing great, she will be a wonderful horse for some lucky person, Mia is still in training too and joining them is Kalib. We are looking forward to seeing these 3 under saddle and in new homes.
watch for videos coming soon!!!

Jake is home and doing well, has been out on the trails here.

New radiographs of JP shows healing to let him off of stall rest and up to hand walking,

Looking forward to seeing some new and familiar faces this Sunday, hope you can join us.... don't forget to notify us if you're coming

Saturday, August 13, 2011

latest happenings...

It seemed like summer was never going to arrive and now August is here and soon to be half over... and our summer feels like it has come and gone. We were not able to hold our volunteer days as we have in the past but hope to be back on track soon. It may have seemed like a quiet summer for our volunteers, but behind the scenes is anything but quiet. Being a small rescue there is but a few of us who tend to the many tasks required for running a rescue. Couple hectic personal lives and busy jobs with two computer crashes and a few ranch crisis' and you have more tasks than there are minutes to put them in. Once again I have to thank Joy, Savanah, Vicki and Joey for your help in keeping things running smoothly while Mesha and I juggle.

We are not currently taking in new horses so that we can focus on recovery, training and placement of our current horses. We do maintain a safety net for our placed horses.

Some of our horses are still in process of recovery, others ready and looking for their forever homes. To help in that end we have 3 horses out in training with Dina Cabral, they are Jake, Mia and Kay.

Jake has done very well and will be back at the rescue this next week where he will continue to be ridden frequently. Please check out his videos on our Facebook page. For those of you who met the spooky boy he was when he first came to us, you will be amazed at him now. At one time we couldn't take a glove off around him and now here he is with ropes flying around him and he simply stands there. It goes to show what time and patience do to heal. He is available for adoption.

Mia is now under saddle and as expected with a newly started horse, will take a little longer before she is ready, but progressing well in her training.

Kay has done amazing, she is under saddle and she is showing a more gentle and willing attitude. She is a sweetheart and does love the attention.

Mia and Kay are both available for adoption post training, adoption applications can be made prior to their completion. Watch for videos of their training on our Facebook page.

There is availability for additional training for both of these mares as well as any of our horses through their current trainer. Watch for more information and availability for open training opportunities with Dina.

Our next scheduled horse for refreshing his training is Shadow, Shadow is a younger Arabian gelding, he is suited for an experienced rider who knows the Arabian breed. Shadow is well broke, but has not had regular riding these past few months.

Photos of the progress of our recovering horses will be coming soon, they need to be recovered from the crashed computer. We are happy to say that all are progressing well towards a healthy normal state with great spirits. If you would like to be a sponsor home for one of our horses still in recovery, please contact us. Also needed are retirement homes for Rosa and Jester. These two do love each other and would do well placed together.

If you are interested in adoption, or sponsoring training or recovery of any of our horses please contact us. Sponsorship costs are eligible as tax deductible items, as are donations of tack, feed and of course monetary donations.