Friday, January 29, 2010

new arrivals, old friends and an expecting mare

Lots of things have being going on here at the rescue. Yesterday two new arrivals, both Morgans who need to be cleaned up and put on some needed weight.

One of our previously placed horses has returned to us (Bree).

Mia is doing very well, latest exam pushes her due date out a few weeks now Feb/March.

Tomorrow we're having one of our first volunteer work days to take advantage of some better weather to move some projects along.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Saturday at PetCo

Thank you to our wonderful volunteers who helped set up our display and show off our star of the day Cassanova. Cass quite enjoyed all the attention, treats and love. If only all horses had the calm mind of this boy.... he was a champ throughout the day, and truly took everything in his stride. There were numerous inquiries as to his availability, and hopefully soon he will have a new home.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fundraiser, the farrier & an expected foal oh my!

We're getting ready for our fundraiser & adoption event onsite at PetCo in Dublin this Sat - Sun 11am - 3pm. Available horses will also be onsite weather permitting. Please come say hi and show your support.
11976 Dublin Boulevard

As always our work is never done, other happenings this week include a visit from our favorite farrier, follow up visits with Nino and Bree, and of course counting down the days to our new arrival, Mia's foal is due anytime now! If anyone is interested in sponsoring Mia and/or her baby please let us know.

We'll be posting regular updates on Mia (with pictures we promise!) and opening a 'name the baby' pool.