Sunday, February 28, 2010

comings and goings....

Our newest arrival rather shook things up. We are the proud new home of "Tami's little bandit" Her barn name is not yet chosen, suggestions are welcome. The herd did not know what to think of this little girl. They were curious, spooked a little but then settled and kept her company. She took her relocation in stride, curious and wanting to meet everyone, then settling in for many rolls and a few nibbles of grass. Bree has taken the motherly approach and stayed close. Seeing Bree take such an intense interest in her is something special since Bree has been a loner for so long, and needs a buddy. Both Bree and little bandit need serious baths, but today enjoyed many rolls, Bandit in the green grass, Bree preferring the muddy stuff.

Our visitor pictured above with Bandit is Amanda. She loves our Cassanova and has adopted him. His new home will be in Tracy, close enough where we can still visit and show our love. We are excited for him and know he will be spoiled by Amanda.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

a break in the rain, Yeah!!

Today was a beautiful day following our showers. The herd literally took to the hill. It is a sight to watch them roam those hills, and truly enjoying their day in the sun. We had a nice visit from Amanda and her parents. Amanda is looking for a horse of her own. Many of the horses gathered around for a visit and showed their wonderful character.... and Cassanova being a show off and winning hearts.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Busy, busy, busy....

This week has been a busy and productive week. We feel like it's Christmas here at the rescue.

Our new 'old' barn was delivered (Yeah!), once our ground leveling is complete and the sun returns we'll be rounding up volunteers to have a barn raising day.
Thank you to Mike for helping us with this great find. The 4 stall enclosed barn will be our new home for Mia and her foal when they come home (both are available for adoption) , as well as another young colt who will be coming to the rescue once the barn is up.

A visit to recently adopted Miss Valentine at her new home. She is settling in very well enjoying her new home and attention.

Yesterday was a busy day on the road, with a wonderful visit with Lynn, and the wonderful ladies down at Pregnant Mare Rescue. We are grateful for you generous donation of tack and stable supplies, look for a new King saddle on our sale page, thanks to Lynn's kind heart. Please be sure to watch her site to see the new arrivals. We hope all goes well with Gem, and are looking forward to seeing the new baby !

Next was a trip up the road to Anne. Anne, you continue to amaze us! Your knowledge, experience and warm heart makes us want to pack you up and keep you as a valued part of the rescue.

Anne's donations have provided our rescue with much needed supplies and enough blankets to get the herd through the cold spells. We had the pleasant surprise of meeting several other women at Dragonfly Farms in San Martin who also provided generous donations. Garnett, you are an amazing artist and I hope to feature some of your work on our site. Look for the beautiful saddles donated by Margie to be featured on our sale page soon.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Level ground!

We have a number of projects here at the Rescue, one involves leveling a site for our barn. Today Shadow got in on the action to help compact the area, just look how handsome he looks doing it!

Friday, February 12, 2010

The countdown begins, Mia's all moved in!

Our mare in foal (Mia) has found a safe place to foal thanks to the generosity and kindness of Roberta and Thom of Reinstein Ranch in Livermore.

Mia was relocated safely on Thursday Feb. 12th to a foaling stall where she will stay until her foal arrives and baby and mommy are ready to return to Lone Oak Rescue.

Thom Reinstein with Mia upon arrival

Reinstein Ranch is a local boarding, training and lesson facility that also happens to be the oldest working cattle ranch in Contra Costa County, check out their web page for more history and information.

Keep those baby names coming!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

In Praise of Jake

Our boy Jake has been here for several months and has had a lot of time to be just "be a horse". He still has had trust issues from his previous experiences, but has made great strides. He has finally "joined up" with his ground work and a teddy bear personality is emerging. I am looking forward to our rides this spring and finding him a new home. Once this rain stops and the ground gets a chance to settle we will get some new photos posted.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Febuary promises sweet sites!

February promises to be a full month with sites to warm my heart.... sites are under preparation for our 3 new structures. One an 8 stall mare motel and the other a 4 stall enclosed barn as well as an enclosed hay/grain storage barn. None of these construction projects could be possible without the generous help of Joey Mingoia, so many thanks go his way.
Also expected in the next few weeks is the arrival of Mia's foal, we are excited for the day and our vet says to expect a healthy term foal.
What are we having? a cute colt?? a sweet filly??? we don't know! We will be starting a name pool so help us with some suggestions. Watch for the name list, it will be posted on the website.
Our newest arrivals Shelby and Emma and in good spirits, eating well, greeting everyone who approaches. We are building a turnout for them, as their physical condition will keep them out of the main herd for several months. We especially need a barn mom/dad for these two, please contact us if you are interested. We expect they both will make good family horses.
One other expected arrival, a 6 month old colt. Look for names and photos coming soon!